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boring tubes and boring tube tensions

As additional accessories we supply all prevalent dimensions of drill tubes and accordingly the necessary drill tube clamping suitable to the spindle nose of your deep hole boring machine. The drill tubes are classified into thin-walled (up to Ø 75,00 mm) and thick- walled (from Ø 75,00 mm) drill tubes. Drill tubes can be supplied with or without wear pieces and can be optionally elongated by threaded couplings. All prevalent thread connections are possible for the tool connection.

The clamping of the drill tubes is effected by using boring bar clamping units. From Ø 11,00 mm to Ø 47,00 mm collet chuck clamping unites are used, for larger diameters clamp collars are used.

For tool changes and for clamping the workpiece, lanterns in several sizes are available. In most cases lanterns apply with pull boring operations. As a counter piece of the Oil Pressure Head (BOZA), the lantern is equipped with conical clamping device and holds the boring bush which is necessary for pull boring.

lantern for pulling revision

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