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Drilling Tools & Accessories for Deep Hole Drilling

Welcome to BTA-Tiefbohrsysteme GmbH in Achim near Bremen - the drilling tool manufacturer of your trust. For several years, we have been working as a family business on the production of high-quality, high-performance drilling tools used in contract manufacturing. We offer our customers an all-round service that starts with a comprehensive consultation and is accompanied by intensive customer support by our team.

We develop and manufacture tools that cover the entire field of inner contours produced by deep hole drilling. In addition to tools for solid drilling, counter boring and trepanning, we also offer peeling and smooth-rolling tools for internal machining of pipes. Find out about drilling tools on our website and get in touch.

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Tools for deep hole drilling & suitable equipment – ​​our products at a glance:

Solid drilling
Drilling tools up to Ø 250mm

Core drilling tools up to Ø 650mm

Counter boring
Boring tools from Ø 20.0 to > Ø 1000mm -> pushing or pulling processing

Peeling tools and combined tools for drilling, peeling and burnishing -> particularly suitable for processing hydraulic cylinders

NC-controlled drilling tools
Pulling drilling tools for use in chambering (bottle bores) and for producing workpieces with conical bores

Special tools
Special designs according to customer requirements

Drilling oil feeding devices (BOZA)
- BOZA for supplying cooling lubricant, guiding the tool, holding and sealing stationary or rotating workpieces, drilling range from Ø 6.5 -> 1000 mm
- Lantern for guiding the tool, holding and sealing the workpieces

Vibration damper
Vibration reduction on the drill pipe and tool through the use of vibration dampers (available in hydraulic or manual versions)

Drill pipe tension, drill pipes
- Secure drill pipe attachment through adapted drill pipe clamping, high torque transmission
- Drill pipes in various sizes and designs

Deep drilling tools for every application!

Our sophisticated know-how in the field of deep hole drilling is based on the origins of our family-run company. In 2000, BTA-Tiefbohrsysteme GmbH followed in the footsteps of Gebrüder Heller Bremen GmbH. Back then, the Heller Brothers company was already a leading manufacturer of tools used for deep hole drilling, so it also became part of the Boring and Trepanning Association (BTA). We have always expanded our specialist knowledge and have become real experts in the production of high-performance deep drilling tools.

We are always up to date with the latest deep hole drilling technology. We are familiar with all production processes in the area of ​​deep drilling tools and are pleased to be able to offer our customers customized special solutions. Get an impression of our high-quality deep drilling tools and the appropriate equipment, which were specially designed for deep hole drilling. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at +49 (0)4202 - 96 84 5!

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