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The company

The roots of BTA Tiefbohrsysteme arise in the company “Gebrüder Heller Bremen”, which has been a leading member of the Boring and Trepanning Association (BTA).
After the end of Gebrüder Heller, BTA-Tiefbohrsysteme GmbH was founded on April 1st 2000 as an independent family enterprise in Achim near Bremen. Former employees of Gebrüder Heller laid the foundation of BTA-Tiefbohrsysteme GmbH with their knowledge and experience gained during decades of experience in the field of deep hole drilling.
Since then, we see ourselves as an innovative supplier of the entire range of deep hole boring solutions. We develop and manufacture tools, which cover the complete range of internal contours that can be produced by the deep hole drilling technology. Besides tools for solid boring, for trepanning and tool for push and pull counter boring, we also offer skiving and roller burnishing tools for internal finishing of tubes. For special inner contours, we provide solutions with our form and bottle boring tools. Apart from the actual drilling tools we provide complete equipment for deep hole boring machines. Several oil pressure heads (BOZA), vibration dampers and drill tubes with their accessories are also part of our standard product range. Moreover, we can provide special designed deep hole drilling tools and machine equipment according to our customers requirements.
In our modern production plant we produce our products on state of the art CNC lathes, machining centers and CNC grinding machines. Our machinery is constantly modernized and adapted to the production needs. To guarantee a consistently high quality, we have introduced a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
Even the appearance of our company has changed in recent years. In the year 2007 a new building has been built that shows our commitment to innovation and quality to the World.
In 2014 we opened our in-house testing department, which includes: is used for research and development projects in collaboration with German universities.
In 2018, Stefan Gerken was appointed as an additional managing director to secure the future of the company. In addition to quality and delivery reliability applies to us: “Everything that can be imagined can be done”
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